Why TimeTec Mart?
Guaranteed IoT Products Compatible to TimeTec Apps
You can get IoT products that are tested to be compatible to TimeTec Applications, directly from TimeTec.
Special Discount for TimeTec App Subscribers
If you are TimeTec App users, you can enjoy certain amount of discount when purchase IoT items from us.
Delivered to your Doorstep
Your purchased goods will be delivered to your doorsteps by your selected choice - courier or delivered by our IoT installation team.
Safe and Warrantied Products
Rest-assured that all TimeTec IoT goods are tested and warranty-provided. Defect item can be return and get a new unit for free.
Easy controlled and managed using i-TimeTec
All TimeTec IoT products can be controlled and managed at ease using i-TimeTec application.
DIY or by our professional
Some IoT products´╝îsuch as E16S Smart camera, are easy to be installed by yourself. While you can also let our professional installation team to set up your purchased IoT goods.